"being first time dog owners we knew there would be a steep learning curve, but Liz and her team made the whole proccess informative and enjoyable!  We deeply thank you for our beautifully behaved new family member" Joyce

What You Will Avoid
How to avoid toileting mistakes
How to avoid barking, howling, biting
How to avoid digging
How to avoid separation anxiety
How to avoid destructive behavior when you’re out
How to avoid pulling on the lead
How to avoid misunderstanding your puppy...to avoid them being a burden rather than an added valued family member

What You Will Learn
How to have a dog that is great with other dogs and never over reactive
How to set yourself up for a thriving, loving relationship with your dog
How to have a polite, attentive, and well mannered companion that does what you want them to do and not what you don’t!
How to interact with your dog so that they understand you better
How to get your dogs attention every time
What your dog is thinking or not thinking
How to have fun with your dog
How to enjoy your dog more

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