"being first time dog owners we knew there would be a steep learning curve, but Liz and her team made the whole proccess informative and enjoyable!  We deeply thank you for our beautifully behaved new family member" Joyce
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Puppy Start Right Program

As a veterinary clinic with more than 20 years experience, we have come to understand the needs of our patients and their humans and hope to share with you the tools needed to develop a life-long bond with your new puppy.

With core values in Fear Free techniques, we nurture mental wellbeing as well as the physical needs of your puppy. The Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Program encompasses these values which is why it is our chosen program.

Our classes run for a total of 4 weeks from the date of your first enrolment with each lesson running for 60 minutes.

Classes are delivered in the clinic by our Fear Free, Certified Veterinary Nurse.

Puppy Start Right Classes - $230.00 - Saturday Mornings. Places are limited.
*No Refund Policy - We ask that you confirm your availability and commitment for the course duration as we are unable to offer a refund if your availability or circumstances change.

Puppy Start Right classes provide new puppies and their owners with the knowledge and skills to guide their puppy during the vital socialisation window of weeks 8-16. Each class runs for 60 minutes, for a total of 4 weeks from the date of your first enrolment.  Held in clinic in a small group setting, you and your pup will learn the foundations of canine behaviour and how to positively encourage desirable behaviour while reducing the behaviours that can damage our bonds.   

Senior Puppy Start Right consultations provide older pups and their owners the opportunity to return to the basics. Held in a one-on-one capacity, your consultation will run for 60 minutes, beginning with an in-depth discussion about your dog’s daily life, identifying potential triggers, and determining how best we can help you and your buddy move forward together utilising positive conditioning methods to encourage desirable behaviours while reducing the behaviours that might be damaging your bond. Call the clinic to book your private consultation.

Puppy School Instructor

Zara is a qualified Fear Free Certified Veterinary Nurse and our Karen Pryor 'Puppy Start Right' program instructor. With over 7 years working closely with veterinarians and a passion for the human animal bond, it was an easy decision for Zara to lead our puppy classes. She has a keen eye for detail and an easy and inviting approach that will assist you in becoming astonished at how amazing your pup can be

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Fear Free?
The Fear Free certification is a leading program educating veterinary professionals in positive conditioning techniques to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in your pets during their veterinary visits. All staff at Avoca Drive Animal Hospital are certified Fear Free Professionals.  

Why Puppy Start Right?
As a clinic with core values in Fear Free techniques we nurture mental wellbeing as well as the physical needs of your pet. The Puppy Start RightProgram encompasses these values and is the Fear Free recommended Puppy Program.  

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you and your pet does not end with Puppy Graduation. There are many ways we will support you and your pet through routine health care and the unexpected. 

Desexing is one of the most important things you will do for your pet. It is more than decreasing the number of unwanted animals. It can reduce undesirable behaviours from developing as well as lowering the likelihood of some reproductive cancers. Desexing is the first procedure your pet will likely undergo and the staff at Avoca Drive Animal Hospital will use Fear Free techniques to reduce the risk of your pet developing a fear of the vet clinic. 

Vaccinations and yearly health checks are vital to the ongoing care of your pet. As an ever-growing part of veterinary medicine, we will make sure your pet is vaccinated using the most UpToDate protection. Our team will make it a fun and tasty experience for your pet, keeping them excited, not scared.  

Dental Care
Dental care is often overlooked in pets but plays a vital part in the overall health of your pet. We can guide you on easy ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums over their lifetime. 

Happy Visits
We believe the Vet clinic should be a place where your pet comes to experience fun. Regular visits with our nursing staff help encourage a Fear Free relationship with the team and essential equipment. Pop in for a quick hello and a sit on the scales where your pet will be rewarded with treats and attention.

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