Your greyhound, our specialty
Avoca drive animal hospital is a proud partner of the greyhound adoption program

In 2019 we brought our extensive Fear Free knowledge to the GAP program, with these beautiful greyhounds now benefiting from our behavioural expertise and emotional needs management as the team administers veterinary care.  For those who have recently made the incredibly rewarding decision to adopt a greyhound, we are able to deliver an unmatched level of veterinary care due to our deep breed knowledge from over a decade of specialised experience.  

If you have an ex-racing greyhound, make sure to book your next consultation with us and experience the difference of specialised vet care and Fear Free certified staff.

Greyhounds make amazing pets—they are gentle, low maintenance, quiet friends that love nothing more than to be by your side.

Making your greyhound comfortable is one of our specialties. Greyhounds are famous for being fast, but that means owners need to pay attention to their toes and feet, their carpal joins and even their hock.  We regularly work with Greyhounds and their owners to not only treat their existing injuries, but work with you to help prevent further injuries.

In fact, Avoca Drive Animal Hospital has proudly partnered with the Greyhound As Pets adoption program for the past 10 years. This partnership is the result of our passion for enhancing the lives of ex-racing greyhounds and ensuring they are looked after and ready for their forever homes.  

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