We are proud to have cared for the Dogs, Cats, small animals, reptiles, and wildlife of the Central Coast since 2004.

As professionally trained Vets and Nurses we understand the importance of treating you and your pet with compassion and understanding. We will treat your beloved pet as one of our own and make sure to alleviate any stress you may have by clearly explaining any treatment your pet needs, why they need it, and what cost is involved.

Our clinic founder has over 20 years of veterinarian experience, and together with our team is continually learning and improving to provide the highest quality service.

We are an independently owned vet clinic offering a full range of services to look after the physical and mental well being of your beloved pet. All staff are Fear Free certified, a leading program that aims to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets through education and understanding. This ensures your vet visits are fear free for your pet, and stress free for you.

Meet The Team

Dr Elizabeth O’Connor
Owner, Veterinarian, Elite Fear Free Certified

Dr Elizabeth O’Connor is the owner of Avoca Drive Animal Hospital. Driven by a lifelong passion and enthusiasm as a veterinarian Liz soon developed expertise in emotional wellbeing in animals and humans. With over 25 years’ experience as a small animal veterinarian, and a love for greyhounds, she is an Elite level Certified Fear Free Professional.

Dr Briony Starer
Veterinarian, Fear Free Certified

Briony has a natural passion for the emotional wellbeing of all creatures. Having been introduced to the Fear Free methodology, she has keenly embraced our clinic culture. With a deep love of Birds we pictured her with her much loved Sulphur Crested Friend "Lizzie"

Dr Nyssa Ross
Head Vet, Fear Free Certified

Nyssa graduate from Murdoch University in 2015. With a love of all things moving, Nyssa enjoys working with the furred, the feathery and the scaley.

Nyssa relished physical challenges and enjoys rock climbing, bush walking and hiking. More recently, Nyssa has become an avid Gardner.

Destiny Marshall
Head Nurse, Fear Free Certified

Destiny is our teams Head Vet Nurse. With more than seven years experience at Avoca Drive Animal Hospital and completing her Bachelor Degree as a technician at University, she is passionate about canine enrichment, development and care. She is regularly consulted by the team as a trusted and knowledgeable leader.

Ellen Lydiate
Consulting Nurse, Receptionist

A certified Vet Nurse with a passion for canine and feline behaviour. Ellen is our lead Customer Service Representative and Level 2 Fear Free Certified.

Her extensive knowledge and supportive approach will help guide you and your companion, ensuring you both get the assistance you need.

Annika Cubirka
CSR, Nurse

Annika a qualified and experienced veterinary nurse and also fear free certified.

She is very flexible and capable of any role and her favourite is the technical stuff!

Zara Rowe
Puppy School Trainer & Vet Nurse

Zara is Fear Free Certified and our Karen Pryor 'Puppy Start Right' program instructor.
She is always happy to assist you on reception and has been a qualified veterinary nurse for 7 years.

Her extensive skill set and supportive approach will help guide you and your pup, ensuring you both get the right start together.

What's the best thing about being a vet ?