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General Veterinary Services

Our team provide all general practice consultation services utilising a Fear Free methodology. 

We can help you and your pets with all their vaccination, nutrition, wound management, allergy, parasite prevention and all general diagnostic needs.


We believe in providing Fear Free dentistry to all our canine and feline patients. Annual Dental check ups form part of your pets overall health profile.

All dental procedures including Ultrasonic scaling, polishing, extractions and digital dental radiographs are carried out under general anaesthetic to ensure a painless but complete examination and treatment plan.

Imaging and Pathology Services

Our on site radiography suite utilises digital technology allowing our team to immediately interpret your pets radiographs reducing waiting times and enabling prompt treatment plans.

Our In-house pathology equipment allows for comprehensive testing of Haematology, Biochemistry, Thyroid Hormones, Pancreatitis, Urinalysis, Cytology, and infectious diseases including FIV and Parvovirus.

Happy Visits

Our Fear Free certified Nursing Staff will work with you and your dog in a one on one capacity, allowing your dog to feel more comfortable in a clinic environment.

We utilise only positive conditioning techniques proven to help alleviate fear and anxiety.

Surgical Procedures

Our experienced surgical team provide all aspects of surgical care from admission, through recovery and discharge.
We offer all general procedures from desexings, lumpectomies and wound repair surgeries to more complex procedures including cryptorchid surgery, amputations, DeAngelis cruciate repair, biopsies, foreign body removals, eyelid surgeries and simple Bone plating.

All cases are different and our veterinarian will guide you on the best options available to your pet which may include referral to specialist hospitals.

Puppy Start Right School

Puppy Start Right classes provide new puppies and their owners with the knowledge and skills to guide their puppy during the vital socialisation window of weeks 8-16.
Held in clinic in a small group setting, you and your pup will learn the foundations of canine behaviour and how to positively encourage desirable behaviour while reducing the behaviours that can damage our bonds.  

Senior Puppy Start Right consultations

Senior Puppy Start Right consultations provide older pups and their owners the opportunity to return to the basics.
Held in a one-on-one capacity, your consultation will run for 60 minutes, beginning with an in-depth discussion about your dog’s daily life, identifying potential triggers, and determining how best we can help you and your buddy move forward together utilising positive conditioning methods to encourage desirable behaviours while reducing the behaviours that might be damaging your bond. Call the clinic to book your private consultation. 

Laser Therapy Treatment

Our advanced, non-invasive laser therapy treatment reducespain, inflammation, and accelerates healing for both chronic and acuteconditions.This treatment is pain and pharmaceutical free. Consult ourteam to find out if this is the right treatment for your pet
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