AvocaDrive Animal Hospital is excited to offer Laser Therapy for your Pets!.
Bring back that happy pet with non-invasive treatment!

About the Treatment: Class IV Laser Therapy offers numerous benefits, including reduced tension, inflammation, and enhanced range of motion. Pets can resume normal activity upon leaving the hospital, although avoiding overexertion during the healing process is important.

Treatment Frequency: For acute conditions, 5-6 treatments are typically sufficient, while chronic conditions might require 6-12 sessions. Individual healing times vary. Lifelong conditions may involve monthly follow-up treatments.

How It Works: Laser light penetrates tissues, triggering cellular events such as ATP stimulation, respiratory chain activation, and increased DNA synthesis. This leads to enhanced collagen synthesis, beta endorphin, and serotonin levels, promoting healing.

Safety and Comfort: Class IV Laser Therapy is safe with minimal side effects. Pets may experience a warm, soothing sensation. In some cases, old injuries or pain syndromes could briefly intensify as the healing response is activated.

Treatment Benefits: Experience drug-free, surgery-free pain relief and healing for various conditions, including acute issues like infections, cuts, and post-surgery recovery, as well as chronic ailments like joint disease and arthritis. Enjoy affordable, non-invasive, and painless treatment options.

Experience Elite Care: Similar to how professional athletes benefit, your pet can now access Class IV Laser Therapy for pain relief, tissue repair, and improved cell metabolism. This non-invasive technique treats damaged tissue, promotes protein development, and naturally relieves pain through endorphin release.